22 November 2019

during downpour 
under the umbrella 
a droplet 

tijekom pljuska 
pod kišobranom 
i mala kap

Haiku časopis IRIS br. 13 / IRIS haiku magazine No. 13 – 2019

15 November 2019

skinute čarape ...
pred mojim stopalima 
pobjegle ribe 

socks off . . . 
before my feet 
fishes fleeing 

Haiku časopis IRIS br. 13 / IRIS haiku magazine No. 13 – 2019

08 November 2019

(Michael Dudley, Tomislav Maretić, Dejan Pavlinović)

From left to right: Dejan Pavlinović, Michael Dudley, Tomislav Maretić reading Nexus Haiku (Photo by Zdenko Vanjek)

On October 6th, 2019, at the 6th Annual Bučijada Haiku Meeting in Ivanić-Grad, Croatia, it was our pleasure to present six haiku and one senryu, each of which was composed co-operatively and equally by all three of us.

During a one year span we composed a total of 85 haiku and senryu that in each instance was written collaboratively either in pairs or as a group of three. We discovered that working together on each poem created an ebb-and-flow, push-and-pull process. Composing stand-alone collaborative haiku provided continual opportunities for the organic expressions of complementary energies;  complexities of ideas;  shifts of perspectives;  and juxtapositions of personal and cultural experiences, perceptions, and memories. Since this process represents intersection and unity, each poem is an example of nexus:  a central focal point of connection.  Consequently, we call our collaborative autonomous poems Nexus Haiku. 

Following, are the poems we read at the 6th Annual Bučijada Haiku Meeting:

cafe door hinges
singing all morning
off-beat in rain

kišno jutro -
vratne šarke kafića
pjevaju u off-beatu

bora wind begins
the fragrance of prosciutto
in waves

okrenulo na buru
zamirisao pršut
u refulima

her scent before her kiss
flower moon

njen miris
prije njenog poljupca
cvjetni mjesec

hibiscus tea
sip by sip among roses
and crickets

čaj od hibiskusa
guc po guc među ružama
i cvrčcima

the new moon
casting a long light

mladi mjesec
baci dugo svjetlo

cigarette ash
still keeping its shape
shed skin of a snake

još drži oblik
pepeo cigarete
odbačena zmijska koža

Sunday brunch . . .
today's main course
of yesterday's discussion

nedjeljni ručak …
od jučerašnje rasprave
današnje glavno jelo

MICHAEL DUDLEY was born in Toronto, Canada, and has been a haiku poet for over 40 years. His writing has been internationally published in newspapers, magazines, journals, and anthologies.  He is a member of Haiku Canada and the Haiku Society of America.  More about Michael at  http://michaeljdudley.com

TOMISLAV MARETIĆ is from Zagreb, Croatia. He has been writing haiku for more than 40 years and his haiku have been published in many national and international magazines, anthologies, journals and on-line haiku magazines. He is a member of the Croatian Writers' Association. More about Tomislav at Tomislav Maretic - Living Haiku Anthology

DEJAN PAVLINOVIĆ is from Pula, Croatia, and has been writing haiku since 2007. His haiku poems have been published in various national and international haiku magazines, journals, newspapers, websites and anthologies. More about Dejan at https://smilingcricket.blogspot.com